Welcome to the New Start Summer Program!

Join us online for New Start 2021!

We are looking forward to meeting the new generation of New Start students. Our team is currently planning for a fully online experience for summer 2021. This means all classes and mandatory components of the program will be held virtually. We hope we will have the opportunity to add some in-person programming throughout the summer, however, we believe this is the best way to proceed for your own planning and for the safety of our New Start familia.

As a New Start participant you can expect these benefits:

  • A strong academic headstart to your UA career, including 6-7 units of credit;
  • Full funding for tuition and mandatory fees if you are Pell eligible at half-time enrollment (please budget for online learning materials and inclusive access fees, or roughly $80);
  • A friendly network of support including a tutor, peer mentors, seasoned student coordinators, and full-time professional staff;
  • Access to engaging virtual programs on campus/community resources and interesting topics!

This will be our 53rd year of New Start, and while our program is rich with many years of history and memories, there is only one New Start 2021! Join our community and become a part of the tradition. Our application will launch in November for all incoming first-year AZ residents who will be starting at UA directly out of high school in fall 2021. Mark your calendars for June 12 to July 23 for an unforgettable summer! We can't wait to meet you!

Be well and Bear Down!

The New Start Team

According to the July 7/24/2020 Provost Message, Staged Launch for In-Person Instruction for Fall 2020, "Student support beyond the classroom (advising, student aid counseling, career development, tutoring, supplemental instruction, cultural centers, etc.) will continue in a remote format until further notice." We are online and ready to meet with you!