Thrive Center

Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive?

By the end of your six week summer program, we hope you'll feel like you've found a home at UArizona. Not only will you have 6-7 academic credits under your belt, but you'll know where most of the buildings are, you'll know how to talk to your instructors, and we hope you'll have found a community that cares deeply. You can start the fall semester walking a little taller, because you'll know you have what it takes!

But what happens next?

The support system you built doesn't have to fall away. We invite you to stay connected with us, and we have several opportunities and programs for you to continue thriving during your college career. In the Thrive Center, where New Start is housed, you can choose to be a part of communities such as:

  • First Cats
  • Financial Wellness Initiatives
  • Immigrant Student Resources
  • Thrive Mentoring
  • And so many other opportunities!

Visit the Thrive Center website to learn more!