Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Spotlight Caite


"I chose to attend New Start as an incoming freshman to get ahead on my courses and to get acclimated to the UA campus before the fall semester began. As a New Start student, I was heavily influenced by my Peer Advisor and contacted her the next year to ask about job openings in New Start! Being a New Start alumni gave me the confidence to get involved in campus life right away -- I joined Hall Involvement Team to help other students move in and became an RHA representative for my hall council. As a sophomore, I applied for a job with the UAdvantage First Year Experience and have been a Peer Advisor for the past two years! After I graduate from the UA, I plan to enroll in a masters program to pursue a career in marine biology."

Spotlight Alex


"Going through New Start prepared me for the challenges the UA was going to throw at me. I learned how to be prepared for my classes in the fall. It also taught me that it’s okay to fail as long as you get back up, and always reach out and to try new things.

Because of New Start, I started off my freshmen year with a job at the Student Union, I was able to speak with all my academic advisors, I started joining clubs, and got to meet long life friends. New Start is one of the biggest highlights of my freshman year."

Spotlight Will


"New Start is a great opportunity to develop a foundation here at the University of Arizona. The New Start Summer Program familiarized me with the mechanics of the institution. I learned how to navigate campus, utilize resources, and establish a networking channel to ensure my success in college.

Since New Start, I started working for Math 100, a course I took during the program as a Desk Assistant. Here I am able to work with administrative work similar to my desired goal, a degree in Business Administration. I also returned to New Start as a Resident Assistant and was fortunate to win Resident Assistant of the summer. From there I continued on with my life in a Housing and Residence life department into an RA at Coronado Hall.

Not only did New Start give me a foundation for a platform to pursue my educational career, but it gave me valuable connections and experience to succeed outside of the 6 weeks into my first and second years of college."

Spotlight Lizzie


"New Start helped me prepare for my first year of college, enabling me to become more involved and inspired to become a student leader on campus. The friendships and experiences I had attending programs, going to classes and living on campus inspired me to get involved in my hall council. I am director of service for the National Residence Hall Honorary, a copy editor at the Arizona Daily Wildcat, vice president of Campus Communications for Historic Lane Hall Council and an office assistant for three halls on campus. All of this began because of my time in New Start.

I hope that, in the future, I can work as a resident assistant and attend New Start again as an employee! My dream is to one day become a lawyer."

Spotlight Maia


"I attended New Start as a student in 2012, and it was one of the best and most formative decisions of my life. By the time I started college in the Fall, I knew the campus, was aware of my resources, and already had some friends and a support system. I loved the program so much that I worked for New Start as a tutor for two summers and a student coordinator for one.

Since working for New Start, I fell in love with student affairs and I am currently a graduate student in the Higher Education program at the University of Arizona and a graduate assistant at the SALT Center. New Start helped me find my passions, succeed in school, and set me on a career path that I am ecstatic about!"