All students in New Start are required to take HED 297A: Topics in Leadership*.  This course helps students develop the personal and interpersonal skills that will help them be successful in academic and professional settings.

In addition to the required Topics in Leadership course, New Start places students into one 3-4 unit general education course with consideration of the following factors: major, Math and English placement scores, earned AP/dual enrollment credits, and the number of seats available in each course. Once you've completed your Next Steps items and confirmed your spot in New Start, we'll go ahead and enroll you for these classes on our end! (You do not need to enroll for them yourself.) The general education courses include:

HED 297A*
Required New Start Course

Topics in Leadership  3 units

English 101A

First-Year Composition

4 units

English 101

First-Year Composition

3 units

English 109H

First-Year Composition

3 units

Math 100

Preparation for University Level Math

3 units

Math 112

College Algebra

3 units

Math 120R Calculus Preparation 4 units

Anthropology 150B 
(Tier 1 gen. ed.)

Many Ways of Being Human 

3 units

Anthropology 160A 
(Tier 1 gen. ed) 

World Archaeology  3 units
Psychology 150A1 Structure of Mind and Behavior 3 units

Course offerings are subject to change.

* Required New Start Course