The New Start Summer Program offers a unique tutoring experience for all our students.

New Start tutors attend the general education course alongside New Start student participants. They may help the instructor lecture, or just support the students during activities, but they are there with the students every step of the way. If students are looking to get ahead in their studies, or there was something the student didn’t understand in class, the New Start tutors are available 1 pm - 5 pm, Monday through Thursday in Bear Down Gym, and 3 pm - 7 pm on Sunday in the Student Rec Center to help get ahead in their courses.

Tutoring is a part of the college experience and New Start makes sure you can get started on developing strong study habits now so you can be the best student you can be, now and during the academic year.

New Start Tutors are trained by the University of Arizona's Think Tank. More information on Think Tank services can be found by visiting their website at thinktank.arizona.edu.