Supportive Instructors and Campus Resources to Help You Reach Your Goals

As a student in New Start, you will have the opportunity to get adjusted to college life before your peers. This includes the opportunity to get used to college courses. New Start students take 2 courses, 6-7 units, to help them get a half-semester ahead of other incoming freshmen and adjust to using all the resources and support systems available to them at the University of Arizona.

At New Start, it isn’t just about classes. And while that is an important piece, it’s about developing yourself as a student to empower you to reach your goals. In addition to the wide variety of courses students will be placed in, New Start partners with colleges, departments, and other resources on campus to showcase the plethora of support that campus has to offer. New Start wants you to be successful when you get to UA so that’s why we offer many unique and fun opportunities for students to get connected and grow their own network of support and resources during the six weeks they are on campus during the summer.