Pell Promise

Pell Promise

In an effort to keep New Start affordable for families, all students who qualify for any amount of Federal Pell grant assistance for New Start will receive assistance for the full direct cost* of the program!

If your Pell award is less than what is required to pay your New Start tuition and fees, the New Start Summer Program office will provide a waiver to cover your remaining balance - this is called the "Pell Promise." If you receive a Pell award larger than the New Start tuition and fees, the remaining money available will be refunded to you after the first week of the program. This check will go to the mailing address listed on your UAccess Student Center. To change that information, please visit and log in with your UA NetID and password.

Please note the following:

  • Students must qualify for a summer Pell grant at 6-7 units based on the 2023-2024 FAFSA .
  • Students whose 2023-2024 Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is 5700 or less are likely to qualify for a summer Pell grant.
  • Student Aid Report from FAFSA, a federal document, may indicate Pell eligibility for full-time academic year; however, some students may qualify for Pell grants during the academic year but not in the summer.
  • *Direct cost includes base tuition and mandatory fees as well as the price of your dorm room. It does not cover parking/transportation, meals, or any textbooks/inclusive access fees required for your academic course. Our instructors make every effort to keep book costs lower than $100.
  • You may also see the UA enrollment fee coded as a summer charge. Please note that this is not associated with New Start costs and is not covered by our aid packages.

For more information about grants, Pell eligibility, and the University of Arizona, please visit the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid website Grant page.