Fees & Financial Aid

Fees & Financial Aid

Below are the costs of the New Start Summer Program for Summer 2024.

Arizona residents receive reduced fees for the program and recipients of summer Pell grants will have all of their program costs covered. Please do not allow the costs of the program to be a factor in deciding whether or not to attend. There are a number of financial aid options students can qualify for if New Start represents a significant financial burden.

  Non-resident Cost Arizona Resident Cost
Tuition (6 units) $2,892.00 $2,892.00
Student fees (6 units) $316.63 $316.63
Dorm Fee $840.00 $300.00
Program Fee $250.00 $250.00
Total $4,298.63 $3,758.63
Total (7 units) $4,856.28 $4,316.28

* Students who do not live in Arizona but who are enrolled members of federally recognized Arizona Native tribes may be eligible for resident tuition at the University of Arizona.  Students establishing resident tuition through the Residency Classification Office through this policy are also entitled to resident costs for New Start.


How do I make New Start affordable?

Qualify for the New Start Tuition Scholarship!

Arizona residents are eligible for a tuition scholarship to help lower the cost of the New Start Summer Program. All you must do is complete your 2023-2024 and your 2024-2025 FAFSAs! That's it!

The New Start Tuition Scholarship (NSTS) is a scholarship that is applied to the cost of the New Start Summer Program, covering roughly 60% of tuition.

Are you a Pell-eligible student for 2023-2024 (Expected Family Contribution < 5500)?

Our Pell Promise will cover any direct costs (tuition and fees, and a dorm room) after your NSTS and Pell Grant are applied!

Pell Promise does not cover the inclusive access (digital textbook/ALEKS) fee or deferrals of the admissions enrollment fee.

Not Pell-eligible?

For those students who are still in need of financial assistance to cover the remaining cost of New Start, we offer the New Start Friends and Alumni Scholarship. Funded by private donors and community grants, these scholarships can pay up to the total cost of New Start. To be eligible you must complete the 2023-2024 & 2024-2025 FAFSAs and not have qualified for the summer Pell grant.

New Start Summer Program Fees 

The costs above do not include personal expenses, like meals or parking, or for books for your classes. The inclusive access fee is also a textbook fee and is not covered by New Start. You will need to budget for those separately.

When and where do I need to pay?

You do not need to send any money now. All charges related to New Start will be posted to your University Bursar’s account close to the beginning of the program. Charges not covered by financial aid will need to be paid prior to the start of the program and according to the due date listed on your account. Students can view their Bursar's account in their UAccess Student Center at www.uaccess.arizona.edu.