Hall Move-In Information

June 8, 2023

Everything you need to know for June 10 Move-In

Map of move in directions, indicating entry from Sixth Street on Park Ave, then a right turn on Lowell Street to then park in Sixth Street Garage.

We are so excited to have you living on-campus for New Start. This post has a lot of logistics information and a link for you to sign-up to move into Pueblo de la Cienega on Saturday, June 10. You will receive your specific room assignment upon checking in. Please read thoroughly and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Move-In Appointment

To promote a steady flow of events for the day, you must sign up for a move-in appointmentWhen prompted, please only select ONE move-in session. We ask that you arrive on-time to ensure you and your fellow hall mates are able to move in as efficiently as possible.

Move-In Appointment

Check-In Process

Please first park in the Sixth Street Garage. It is easiest to enter the garage by heading north on Park Avenue from Sixth Street, then east on Lowell Street until you reach the garage entrance. You should park in the garage, then walk over to Pueblo de la Cienega to check-in. You will have a hall agreement to review and sign, you'll receive your room assignment and keys, and complete a Room Condition Report. 

Printable Map

Drop Off Belongings

Once you are checked in and you have completed your Room Condition Report, you can go back to the garage and drive your car following the path outlined above. You will be driving on the sidewalk around the grassy Highland Quad until you reach the loading zone. You will then unload your things into large bins which can be pushed from the loading zone to your room. You should then re-park in Sixth Street Garage. If you are by yourself, a staff member can stay with your bin while you re-park your car.

Move-In Tips

You may be wondering what to bring with you when moving. We recommend taking a look at the University of Arizona's What to Bring List. You will only be living on-campus for 6 weeks, so be mindful of this list and plan accordingly.

Parking Passes

If you plan to park your car, you will need a parking pass. Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) has created an application and special New Start rate for the summer. The parking permit will be valid from June 10- July 21, 2023 to park in Sixth Street Garage at a rate of $120. Download the application and send the completed form to to Customer Service at PTS-ParkingInformation@email.arizona.edu or fax to (520) 621-7055.

Meal Plans

If you would like to purchase a Meal Plan, the Meal Plan Office will be waiving minimum deposits and sign-up fees for the commuter plan this summer, for New Start students only. You may sign up this “load as you go” option by calling the Meal Plan Office, or by visiting them directly in the Food Court of the Student Union. The Food Court is on the 2nd floor, or the ground level of the building. Meal plans are not required for New Start, or covered by Pell Promise.


If you have any questions, please email us at newstart@email.arizona.edu.  On the day of move-in, you can also call 520 621 5584 with any questions. We will help you find your way!

Just a few more days until move-in!  We are so excited to welcome you at Pueblo de la Cienega!