New Start @Home

New Start @Home

Start your journey at the University of Arizona before you even arrive

June 1 Deadline

The application is now OPEN for New Start @ Home 2023!


New Start @ Home

Want to get ahead and prepare to join the University of Arizona while also maximizing your time at home before moving here in the fall? Gain experience in actual Arizona courses, with embedded tutors and peer mentor support to hit the ground running in the fall with New Start @ Home.

Get Started at UArizona from Home

Take full advantage of everything the University of Arizona has to offer, and begin your journey @home with us this summer.  New Start @ Home is a new program that gives you the best of New Start, a program that has been around for 50+ years, all while you soak up those last few months of time at home with friends and family.  You'll connect with other entering students, understand how to navigate the university and college coursework, and finish with 6 units in 6 weeks.  You'll also be connected to the network of 14,000+ New Start alumni who all began their UArizona journey with New Start.

All students in New Start @Home are required to take HED 297A: Topics in Leadership*.  This course helps students develop the personal and interpersonal skills that will help them be successful in academic and professional settings, as well as key information for navigating the University of Arizona.

In addition to the required Topics in Leadership course, New Start places students into one 3-unit general education course with consideration of the following factors: Math placement scores, earned AP/dual enrollment credits, and the number of seats available in each course. Once you've completed your Next Steps items and confirmed your spot in New Start, we'll go ahead and enroll you for these classes on our end! You do not need to enroll for them yourself.


The general education courses offered in New Start @Home include:

MATH 100 "Preparation for University Math/Math Lab"

The purpose of this course is to prepare students for a university-level math class. Successful completion of Math 100 provides students with the skills and placement level needed for their next math course.
This course is required for students who place into pre-college math.  New Start @Home is a great option for students who test into MATH 100, as they can complete this required course during the summer.  Successful completion of this course in the summer allows students to be ready to enroll in MATH 106, 107, 108 or 112 (depending on major) in the fall.

8:00am-10:30am – General Education, conducted live via Zoom*

  • This will either be Math 100 or an Anthropology class that will satisfy your general education requirements. We will look at your placement data and manually enroll you in the class that will yield the greatest benefit for you. A tutor will Zoom into class right along with you, then make themselves available in the afternoons to help with any material and provide 1:1 support as needed!

11:00am-12:15pm – HED 297A: Topics in Leadership, conducted live via Zoom*

  • This class consists of small group discussions with a Peer Mentor Monday through Thursday, followed by a lecture component on Fridays with the instructor. In addition to diving into leadership topics, this class is the programmatic hub of New Start and is designed to facilitate community-building, introduce resources, and help you prepare for your time at UArizona! Your mentor will conduct two additional one-on-one meetings with you during the summer.

*Courses are conducted in Mountain Standard Time. Students will need access to sufficient bandwidth and technology to access their courses in the mornings. Please note that New Start has a strict attendance policy where a student may only miss up to two days of class.

The New Start Summer Program offers a unique tutoring experience for all our students.

New Start tutors attend the general education course alongside New Start student participants. They may help the instructor lecture, or just support the students during activities, but they are there with the students every step of the way. If students are looking to get ahead in their studies, or there was something the student didn’t understand in class, the New Start tutors are available 1 pm - 5 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 3 pm - 7 pm on Sunday via Zoom to help get ahead in their courses.

Tutoring is a part of the college experience and New Start makes sure you can get started on developing strong study habits now so you can be the best student you can be, now and during the academic year.

New Start tutors are trained by the University of Arizona's Think Tank. More information on Think Tank services can be found by visiting their website at

New Start @ Home - Welcome Webinar (June 9, 2023)

Join us online on Friday, June 9, 2023 for our Welcome Webinar. This is an introduction to all things New Start and will give you the chance to meet the staff who will be working with you for the next six weeks.


New Start - New Student Orientation (June 14, 2023)

(Mandatory for all New Start students)

Students will attend their New Student Orientation during the New Start program. For summer 2023, the orientation will be held on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. During orientation, students will register for their Fall 2023 courses and learn about different opportunities on campus. All New Start students will be attending New Student Orientation on this day and should not attend orientation before the program. There is not a way for students outside of New Start to register for our orientation date. Students will be placed into this orientation date on June 15 by the New Student Orientation team after submitting the application. All University of Arizona orientation sessions are completely online.

Below are the costs of the New Start @ Home Summer Program for Summer 2023

Arizona residents receive reduced fees for the program and recipients of summer Pell grants will have all of their program costs covered. Please do not allow the costs of the program to be a factor in deciding whether or not to attend. There are a number of financial aid options students can qualify for if New Start represents a significant financial burden.


Non-resident Cost

Arizona Resident Cost

Tuition (6 units)



Student fees (6 units)



iCourse Fee $50.00 $50.00

Program Fee






* Students who do not live in Arizona but who are enrolled members of federally recognized Arizona Native tribes may be eligible for resident tuition at the University of Arizona.  Students establishing resident tuition through the Residency Classification Office through this policy are also entitled to resident costs for New Start.


How do I make New Start @ Home affordable?

Qualify for the New Start Tuition Scholarship!

Arizona residents are eligible for a tuition scholarship to help lower the cost of the New Start Summer Program. All you must do is complete your 2022-2023 and your 2023-2024 FAFSAs! That's it!

The New Start Tuition Scholarship (NSTS) is a scholarship that is applied to the cost of the New Start Summer Program, covering roughly 60% of tuition.

Are you a Pell eligible student for 2023-2024 (Expected Family Contribution < 5200)?

Our Pell Promise will cover any direct costs (tuition and fees, and a dorm room) after your New Start Tuition Scholarhip and Pell Grant are applied!

Pell Promise does not cover the inclusive access (digital textbook/ALEKS) fee or deferrals of the admissions enrollment fee.

Not Pell eligible?

For those students who are still in need of financial assistance to cover the remaining cost of New Start @ Home, we offer the New Start Friends and Alumni Scholarship. Funded by private donors and community grants, these scholarships can pay up to the total cost of New Start. To be eligible you must complete the 2022-2023 & 2023-2024 FAFSAs and not have qualified for the summer Pell grant.


New Start Summer Program Fees 

The costs above do not include personal expenses, like meals or parking, or for books for your classes. The inclusive access fee is also a textbook fee and is not covered by New Start. You will need to budget for those separately.


When and where do I need to pay?

You do not need to send any money now. All charges related to New Start @ Home will be posted to your University Bursar’s account close to the beginning of the program. Charges not covered by financial aid will need to be paid prior to the start of the program and according to the due date listed on your account. Students can view their Bursar's account in their UAccess Student Center at


What if I need to cancel?

New Start @ Home follows the same cancellation policy as the regular New Start Summer Program.  You must cancel by June 1 in order to not receive a charge for the program fee.

What classes can I take with New Start @ Home?

Students enrolling in New Start @ Home can take MATH 100 Math Lab or ANTH 150B1 Many Ways of Being Human.  Enrollment is determined by your math placement score.  If your placement score indicates you need to take MATH 100, you will be enrolled in that course.  If you qualify for a higher math course, you will be enrolled in ANTH 150B1.  All courses apply toward all degree programs.  You will also be enrolled in HED 297A Topics in Leadership, a required course for all New Start @ Home participants.

Do I have to be in Tucson for New Start @ Home?

No.  New Start @ Home is designed for you to participate--from wherever you call home.  It will be delivered fully online via synchronous/live courses on Zoom. 

Can I live in the hall?

No.  New Start @ Home is for students not living on campus during the summer.

What is a peer mentor?

A peer mentor is a student leader who will facilitate the HED 297A course section Monday through Friday.  They also will meet with you individually at least twice throughout the program to provide tailored support for your transition to the university.  Students are encouraged to continue participation in the academic year peer mentoring program in Thrive Center for the ideal transition to the university.

Can I use a mobile phone or tablet to connect to my classes?

We highly recommend that you have a laptop or desktop computer, preferably not a Chromebook, to participate in your daily course meetings.  You should also have a stable Internet connection that can support streaming video.  If you do not have the Internet at home, you can opt to connect via publicly available wifi connections at a local library, school, or other venue.  We do not recommend relying on mobile phone data for your streaming needs.

How do I connect via Zoom?

Every student is given a Zoom license through their UA NetID.  You can find support for using your UA Zoom license at

Where can I access my course information?

Once we enroll you in your course, you will find all of your course information in Desire 2 Learn (D2L), the University's course management software, located at

When do I need to pay?

Tuition and fees are not due until July 11, 2022.  All fees and tuition will be applied to your Bursar account, and any financial aid or scholarships will be applied to that account.  The amount that is left will be due on July 11.

Secure Your Seat Today

Apply today to save your seat .  Spaces are limited, so don't miss out on the opportunity to get ahead this summer.  The New Start @ Home application closes on June 1 (or when all available seats are filled).