MARC Colloquium

Attention Science, Math, and Biomedical Engineering Majors!

Want to learn more about your options for careers in research? Take the MARC Colloquium!

New Start is pleased to offer an additional one-credit course entitled, “Success and Careers in Science and Math”. This course is offered through the College of Science but is open to students interested in studying Science, Math, and/or Biomedical Engineering. This course is offered in addition to the other two required courses you will take during the summer. It will provide opportunities for students in these fields to learn about and discuss the opportunities available to them to be successful as an undergraduate STEM major and in selecting a career. Space is limited to 40 students total, so if you are interested, make sure to keep an eye on for the email in late May 2020 to sign up!

There is no additional cost for New Start students registered for the MARC Colloquium.