Why New Start?

As an incoming freshman, New Start was the best choice I could have ever made. I come from a small town and none of my close friends came to the U of A with me. I was basically alone trying to become familiar with the campus and all its resources. New Start made the transition a lot easier for me. In New Start I was able to make new friends, become familiar with the campus and have a great time that summer. I also learned plenty of useful tips for how to survive in college. It was so much fun and it made coming into my first semester that much smoother. If I could go back, I would. I recommend it to any incoming freshman. 

Melody- Nogales, AZ- Class of  2013 

The New Start Advantage

Whether you've lived in Tucson all of your life or are coming to the UA from the farthest reaches of the state, New Start is the perfect opportunity to get to know campus in a brand new way. New Start students have the opportunity of having an entire summer to learn the ins and outs of the University while making friends and campus connections along the way. By the time you've finished your summer experience with New Start, you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Earn 6-7 units of academic credit, putting you half a semester ahead of other freshmen
  • Meet over 350 new freshmen
  • Live in an on-campus residence hall
  • Get to know multiple University faculty and staff members
  • Learn about the many campus resources that are available to assist you
  • Get involved in the organizations and on-campus activities that matter the most to you!

We hope you will consider joining us for New Start 2018!

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