New Start Coursework

The New Start Summer Program administration places students into one 3-4 unit general education course with consideration of the following factors: major, math and English placement scores, earned AP/dual enrollment credits, and number of spaces available in each course. In addition to this general education class, all students are required to enroll in EDL 297A: Topics in Leadership.  This course helps students develop the personal and interpersonal skills that will help them be successful in academic and professional settings. All students are required to enroll in at least 6 units of coursework in order to participate in New Start.

English 101A First-Year Composition 4 units
English 101 First-Year Composition 3 units
English 102 First-Year Composition 3 units
Math 100 Preparation for University Level Math 3 units
Math 112 College Algebra 3 units
Anthropology 150 Many Ways of Being Human (general education credit) 3 units
EDL 297A** Topics in Leadership (elective credit) 3 units

* Course offerings are still being determined and are subject to change.
** Required New Start Course 


Because New Start is fast-paced, there are no "excused" absences. If your student plans on taking family vacations, attending school conferences, etc. please make sure that the dates of these events do not conflict with the program prior to completing the application for New Start. In case of emergency, students may miss only 2 full days of class during the six-week program. If they miss too many days, your student may be dismissed from the program and fail their enrolled courses. No fees are refunded for any student who voluntarily withdraws or is asked to leave New Start.

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