Frequently Asked Questions

When are important dates for New Start?

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March 1

Financial Aid Priority Deadline (Complete both the 2016-2017 and the 2017-2018 FAFSAs to qualify for resident tuition and New Start financial aid)
May 1 Application Deadline
May 15
Contract Deadline.  Deadline to complete FAFSAs to get resident tuition and fee reductions.
May 22 Complete Math and English Placement Tests/Requirements on Next Steps Center
June 1
Refund Deadline (online Contract Cancelation form must be completed by this date to avoid being charged New Start program and residence hall fees)
June 9
Check-in for all students (mandatory); move-in for students in the residence hall. Times will be assigned between 8am and 4pm.
June 10 Parent Orientation, 9am-noon (Optional: Registration required via New Start contract; do not sign up for parent orientation through Next Steps!)
June 11 New Start Student Welcome and Course Introductions, 8am-2pm (mandatory)
June 12 First Day of Classes
June 14 New Student Orientation (Mandatory: For Fall Classes)
July 4 Independence Day: No Classes
July 22 New Start Finals & Award Ceremony (11am)
July 22 Residence Hall Move-out (1-5pm)


What does a typical day in New Start look like?

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Students attend their first class each day from 7:30-10:30am. After a short break, students begin their Topics in Leadership class at 11:00.  This class goes until 12:15pm (1:30pm on Fridays). At this point all other programs are optional but encouraged, but students may leave campus if need be. Optional daily tutoring is offered Monday-Thursday from 1-5pm and on Sundays from 3-7pm. Hall Programs are offered Tuesdays and Thursday beginning at 5:00pm and are open to all students, regardless of whether they live in the residence hall.

Can my student work during New Start?

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Many students do choose to work over the summer, however, we recommend carefully considering the nature of this program before selecting their summer employment. We recommend that students work no more than 20 hours per week in order to leave time for tutoring, studying, and other optional New Start programs. Job opportunities on-campus during the summer can be limited; however, students can learn more about on-campus employment opportunities by visiting Career Services’ Wildcat JobLink at

When is the deadline to apply to New Start?

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The deadline to apply to New Start is May 1, and you must have completed your UA application and have your 8-digit EmplID in order to submit a New Start application.  Once admitted to New Start, students have until May 15 to submit their New Start contract.

How much does New Start cost?

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That depends on a number of factors: whether students are Arizona residents, whether they place into 6 or 7 units, whether they live in the residence hall, and whether they qualify for a summer Pell grant.  Arizona residents who complete the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 FAFSAs receive significantly reduced tuition and fees just for completing the FAFSAs.  Students who qualify for a summer Pell grant, regardless of residency, have all of their program charges covered.

Please visit our page on Fees & Financial Support for more details on New Start costs.

When do we have to pay New Start tuition and fees?

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Because of all of the steps involved that allow us to keep New Start so affordable, tuition and fees will not be finalized until just a few days before New Start begins (and some financial aid will not post until the first or second day of the program).

All program fees not covered by financial aid will be due at the start of the program. Students will not be charged late fees or dropped from enrollment for fees that will be covered by their financial aid package. You do not need to send any money to our office. All program-related charges and fees will be assessed to your student’s University bursar’s account and can be paid through the Bursar’s Office online.

What is New Start's "Pell Promise"?

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In an effort to keep New Start affordable for all families, all students who qualify for any level of federal Pell grant assistance* will be able to attend the program using only their federal Pell grant. If your Pell award is less than what is required to pay your New Start tuition and fees, the New Start Summer Program office will provide a waiver to cover your remaining balance. If you receive a Pell award larger than the New Start tuition and fees, the remaining money available will be refunded to you after the first week of the program.

* Students must qualify for a summer Pell grant at 6-7 units based on the 2016-2017 FAFSA.  Students whose 2016-2017 Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is 4700 or less will qualify for a summer Pell grant. Please note that the Student Aid Report from FAFSA may indicate Pell eligibility for full-time academic year; however, some students may qualify for Pell grants during the academic year but not in the summer.  

Which FAFSA forms do we need to fill out?

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All New Start Summer Program participants who wish to receive resident rates for tuition and fees or to be considered for New Start financial aid are required to complete BOTH the 2016-2017 and the 2017-2018 FAFSAs. As an incoming freshman, you must complete the 2016-2017 FAFSA for summer financial assistance and the 2017-2018 FAFSA for financial aid during the academic year. Applying for financial aid is FREE using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and based on new Department of Education rules you can use your 2015 yaxes for BOTH years! Our school code for The University of Arizona is 001083. The FAFSA is available from the financial aid office at any university or college, your high school counselor's office or online at In order to ensure that you receive your financial aid in a timely manner, please complete both the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 forms by May 15, 2017 at the latest, although UA's priority deadline is March 1. Arizona residents who do not complete the FAFSAs by May 15, 2017 will be charged the full cost of the program.


When will my student receive their financial aid award?

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Because financial aid cannot be dispersed until students are enrolled in their classes, students should plan on getting their financial aid released during the first week of the program. Expenses such as meal plans, books, and school supplies can be placed on student’s bursar accounts if students are relying on financial aid for these purposes. Once financial aid is applied, those charges may be covered and any remaining funds will be dispersed to your student. If your student places more charges on their bursar's account than the financial aid received, they will then be issued a statement by the bursar's office that they will need to pay at that time.

Please note: Because of the ways in which fees are billed, some students may receive a refund of funds that are intended to pay for New Start fees. If you receive a refund but were not expecting one, please verify with program staff whether it needs to be used for fees before spending it on other items. Most students will not receive a refund.

My student will be an Arizona Assurance scholar. Does Arizona Assurance cover the cost of attending New Start?

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Arizona Assurance eligibility is determined by multiple factors including the information you submit when completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Arizona Assurance award is intended for the academic year starting in Fall 2017. However, if you have qualified for Arizona Assurance, it is likely that you will still receive financial assistance to attend New Start during the summer in the form of the federal Pell grant. In order to be sure, however, you must complete both the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 FASFA forms.

Our student is planning on going on vacation or a school trip during New Start. How many days can my student miss?

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Program dates are from June 19 to July 21. When attending New Start, we ask that students make the commitment to attend class each and every day. Because a normal semester is 15 weeks and New Start is only six, students will be working at an accelerated pace. For this reason, there are no excused absence in New Start. If your family is taking a vacation that will cause your student to be absent, we recommend that you do not enroll them in this program. Students may miss only two full days of class. If students miss more than two days, they may be asked to leave New Start and fail their enrolled courses.  Students who are removed from the program for attendance reasons do not get fees refunded and may have to pay back any financial aid.

We are from Tucson. Can my student stay in the residence hall?

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While priority is given to students with a permanent address outside of Tucson, there may be an opportunity for local students to live in the residence hall based on availability. Housing will be assigned based on a number of factors including when students submit their completed contract and housing request. Because students from outside of Tucson have until May 15 to submit their contract, notifications for living assignments will be not be sent until late-May.

When can students move-in and move-out of the residence hall?

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Students living in the residence hall will move in on Friday, June 9 and will receive a two-hour window between 8am and 4pm during which they should move in.  Students will move out on Friday, July 21 between 1:00 and 5:00pm. Please make travel arrangements accordingly.

Where can I send mail to my student?

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Mail works differently during the summer than it does the academic year. Please do not send mail to the residence hall directly! Students in the New Start Summer Program will be staying in Posada San Pedro residence hall at 601 N. Highland Ave- this is the physical address only. To send mail via US Postal Service, use the following address:
Student's Name
c/o New Start Summer Program
New Student Experiences
1303 E University Blvd., Box #: 20904
Tucson, Arizona 85719-0521
Please do not send mail prior to move-in or send large packages (for example, large boxes of personal belongings). Mail may take up to 2-3 days longer to reach your student as it has to be routed through campus mail first.

What happens if my son or daughter experiences a medical emergency?

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act limits the amount of information we can share about students, however, if an emergency arises, our program will make every effort to contact your family as soon as possible at the number provide in your student's contract and registration. If your student is under 18 for any portion of New Start, please make sure that you have completed and submitted a "Consent to Treat a Minor Form" to Campus Health. In situations involving drugs or alcohol in the residence hall, your family will be notified and your student will be asked to leave the residence hall.

How can I request disability-related accommodations for my student?

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The University of Arizona is committed to equal learning opportunity for students with disabilities and recognizes that accommodations or modifications are necessary to ensure access to campus courses, services, activities, and facilities. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is a service office on campus that determines and provides or arranges reasonable accommodation. DRC also offers competitive adaptive athletic opportunities, physical support, and disability-related program. If you student plans on registering  and requesting disability-related accommodations, you will need to contact the DRC directly. Please visit their website at and forward the appropriate documentation and requests for information to: Disability Resource Center, 1224 E. Lowell Street, Tucson, AZ 85721. You can also reach the DRC by calling (520) 621-3268 or emailing

What orientation date should we sign up for?

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Students attending the New Start Summer Program should pay their enrollment deposit as soon as possible and sign up for the June 14 orientation program.  If that date is not showing as an option, students should select any available date. After this, New Student Orientation staff will change your date into the June 14 orientation session. You will not be charged the $30 orientation change fee. Because New Start students need to attend this session in order to avoid duplicating their course schedule for the Fall, attending earlier or later sessions will not be permitted.  Do not sign up for parent orientation through the Next Steps Center as there is no parent orientation on June 14. There is a New Start Parent Orientation on Saturday, June 10, that is free of charge.  You can sign up for this when completing the New Start contract.

If you are also in the Honors College, you will attend New Student Orientation with the rest of New Start on Wednesday, June 14 and then you will attend the Honors portion of orientation on Saturday, June 17.

We've already registered for New Student Orientation. How do we change our date?

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By submitting the contract, your student agrees to attend the June 14 University of Arizona New Student Orientation session. If they have already signed up for another Orientation date, their date will be changed to the June 14 session at no charge.

How do I find out more about New Student Orientation?

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To learn more about New Student Orientation, please visit the Next Step Center’s website at or New Student Orientation’s website at

When can I attend parent orientation?

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Parents wishing to attend the Parent Component of New Student Orientation will be able to do so on Saturday, June 10, 2017. This event is optional and is separate from the orientation that your students will receive. Parent Orientation is free of charge for parents attending this session only. Housing for parents is not included. In order to register as a parent going through Orientation, please have your student select this option when complete their New Start online contract. Do not sign up for parent orientation through the Next Steps Center.

What if my student can no longer attend New Start?

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If students have submitted their online contract and wish to cancel, they must do so using the online cancellation form.  It will require that they log in using their UA NetID and password.

The Contract Cancelation form must be completed by June 1, 2017 in order to avoid being charged the New Start Program fee and, if applicable, the New Start Residence Hall Fee.  Students cancelling after June 1 or who do not show up for the program will still be assessed these fees as outlined in the contract, and the New Start Summer Program cannot refund these fees.

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