Life in the Residence Hall

The New Start Summer Program offers students an opportunity to live in a residence hall for the duration of the program. This allows students to get even more connected with staff and peers as well as learn what it is like to live in a residence hall community.  The hall is staffed by Resident Assistants (RAs) as well as a Graduate Community Director (GCD). This live-in staff provides supervision and guidance as well as educational and social activities. The residence hall is not just a place to stay for the summer, but a thriving community of diverse students and staff with the common goal of academic and personal success.

Students with a permanent address outside of the city limits of Tucson be automatically assigned a space in the residence hall unless they opt-out of the residence hall when completing their contract. While priority is given to students from outside of Tucson, there may be opportunities for local students to stay in the residence hall based on available space.

As fully matriculated University of Arizona students, New Start participants are expected to abide by the UA Student Code of Conduct as well as Housing and Residential Life's Policies and Procedures for Hall Living. Students who violate these policies are subject to disciplinary proceedings through the Dean of Students office.  Students who are evicted from the residence hall in New Start due to behavioral violations are evicted permanently from the residence halls and may not live on campus in future terms.

Can I request a roommate?

New Start does not accept roommate requests. One important goal of the New Start Summer Program is for students to meet and get to know people of different backgrounds so all students in the residence hall will share a double room with someone from a different school, city or state.

Can Tucson students live in the residence hall?

While priority is given to students with a permanent address outside of Tucson, there may be an opportunity for local students to live in the residence hall based on availability. Students who reside in the city of Tucson will be able to indicate that they want to be considered for the residence hall when they complete their online contract, and spaces will be given on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date of contract completion.  Notifications for living assignments will be made in late-May. 

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