New Start 2014 Calendar

Please use this calendar to effectively plan your summer vacations as participation in these events is required. Event dates are currrently estimates and will be confirmed closer to the beginning of the program. Further details will be provided prior to each event.

Date Event
March 1 Financial Aid Priority Deadline (Complete both the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 FAFSA  forms in order to receive the New Start tuition waiver.)
April 15 Application Deadline (All applications must be postmarked by this date in order to be considered for inclusion in the New Start Summer Program.)
May 1 Contract Deadline (All paperwork must be submitted by this time in order to secure a place in the New Start Summer Program.)
May 1 Complete Math and English Placement Tests/Requirements
June 1 Refund Deadline (All cancellations must be postmarked by this date in order to receive a refund.)
June 6 Residence Hall Check-In (9am - 4pm)
June 6 Summer Course Distribution for All Students
June 7 Parent Orientation (Optional; Please see contract for how to register)
June 8 New Start Student Welcome (Mandatory)
June 9 First Day of Classes
June 11 New Student Orientation (Mandatory: For Fall Classes)
June 28 Monte Carlos (Optional: 7pm-11pm)
July 4 Independence Day Observed: No Classes
July 8-9 Academic Conference
July 11 B.L.A.S.T.
July 18 New Start Finals & Award Ceremony (Mandatory: 7:30 am for NS Finals and Awards Ceremony)
July 18 Residence Hall Check-Out (1 - 8pm)

* Dates of program events are subject to change.